Traffic Travis SEO Tool

Traffic Travis is an SEO program or tool that is designed to help users to check and optimize their on-page SEO efforts. It provides key word analyses, backlinking suggestions, website audits, and other services. It works by checking your competition.

Traffic Travis:
• Is easy to use and understand.
• Is great for introductory level SEO i.e. beginners.
• Is free to download and you get basic functions.
• Has dashboard integration with SEO analytics.
• Gives information on link building opportunities.

Traffic Travis has four easy to use tools that help an SEO beginner to improve their website’s rank with on-page optimization. These are:
• Search engine/keyword ranking tool
• Competitor/on-page analysis tool
• PPC research tool
• Backlinks/links checking tool

Within Traffic Travis you will find a ‘difficulty score’ field that gives you an insight into how difficult it would be to rank and/or keep up with your niche competition. There is an additional feature that works with the backlink checking tool that gives you a list of potential sites where you can get backlinks for your site.

You can also use Traffic Travis to make money. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are a huge industry. In 2012, Econsultancy valued the UK SEO market at £500 million annually. That is the UK alone, not even considering the rest of the world which runs into billions of dollars. Traffic Travis helps you to cash in on those billions from the comfort of your home if you form a home-based SEO company and sell yourself as a professional SEO. You will certainly want to learn how SEO really works before offering your services for money, and Traffic Travis provides a significant shortcut. Then you can impress your clients through website health checks or SEO audits and offering ways to improve on-page optimization.

Heard enough? Well, get hooked up with Traffic Travis here!

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